Rumah Hati Shelter

Rumah Hati Shelter is a community service initiative led by individuals, including psychology professors from the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Surabaya (UBAYA). It established in March 2011 in Jombang, Indonesia, from the genuine concern of several people regarding the plight of children entangled in legal conflicts within the country. The visionary founders of this initiative include Prof. Dr. Yusti Probowati Rahayu, a distinguished Professor of Forensic Psychology at UBAYA; Margret Rueffler, PhD, a transpersonal psychologist primarily residing in Bali; Dr. NKE Triwijati, a prominent gender activist and lecturer in Social Psychology at UBAYA; and Dra. Ajuni, M.Si, formerly a labor activist and presently a lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Surabaya.

Rumah Hati serves as a sanctuary for young boys who have been involved in minor criminal activities, such as theft and sexual offenses. It can accommodate a maximum of six children, all of whom must not exceed 18 years of age. These youngsters are supported by three male companions during their stay, which typically lasts for a duration of 3 to 6 months. During their residence at Rumah Hati, the children undergo comprehensive rehabilitation, encompassing psychological counseling, behavior modification, and drama therapy. Additionally, they receive training in various life skills, tailored to their individual interests and potential. These skills include motorbike and car repair, cake making, sewing, and more. At present, approximately 75 children have benefited from the nurturing environment of Rumah Hati.

To sustain its noble mission, Rumah Hati relies on funding from various sources. A portion of its financial support is derived from the University of Surabaya, alongside contributions from compassionate individuals dedicated to the cause of children entangled in legal issues. Between 2011 and 2015, Rumah Hati received funding from Kindernothilfe Germany, and since 2021, it has continued to receive vital support from the Korea Hope Foundation.


Rumah Hati House