Welcome to the Faculty of Psychology at UBAYA,

In its 41th year of age, the Faculty of Psychology at UBAYA has become a respected institution amongst professional psychologists, government institutions and society. This long journey towards respectability has been built since the faculty’s establishment on the commitment from its lecturers and staff.

The commitment of UBAYA’s Faculty of Psychology to educating students goes beyond developing their knowledge through its excellent classroom teaching, but to developing the students’ softskills as well. This commitment is evidenced by the faculty’s emphasis on teaching these softskills by means of classrooms instruction and cocurricular and extracurricular programs. And it is further underlined by the close relationship between lecturers, students, university employees and alumni which is experienced in daily life at the campus.

One of the keys of success of UBAYA’s Faculty of Psychology is the expertise of its lecturers. The majority of the faculty’s lecturers have doctoral degrees, are widely recognized to be experts in their respective fields, and are fully committed to education. The lecturers’ competence and commitment help the faculty in participating in collaborative initiatives with external parties in Indonesia and abroad on research and social projects.

UBAYA’s Faculty of Psychology invites all individuals who aspire to pursue learning to apply to its undergraduate (S1), Master (S2) or Doctoral (S3) programs, and the invitation extends to other institutions¬† to become partners with us as well. Because our commitment to providing excellent service and quality applies to everybody.

Greetings of Friendship,


Dr. Evy Tjahjono, S.Psi., M.G.E