About Us

The Faculty of Psychology UBAYA was established on September 2, 1982. The opening of the acceptance of the first batch of 1982 students was held at the Women’s Building, Kalibokor Street, Surabaya. It was implemented by the first faculty of psychology leader consisting of Dr. Hari K. Lasmono as Dean and Vice Dean II, the departed Mr. Ahmad Halimi Zaini, S.Psi. as Deputy Dean I, and the departed Mr. R.M. Gregorius Poerwadi, Lic. as Deputy Dean III together with the leaders of other faculties in the University of Surabaya.

On October 30, 1984, a Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture Number 0511/O/1985 was issued which included the ratification of the Department of the University of Surabaya’s Faculty of Psychology, but it was later revoked and replaced by the Minister of Education and Culture Decree Number 0395/O/1986 on May 23, 1986 concerning Path Adjustment, Level, and Education and Reorganization Program Unit name, Department / Study Program Status Registered at Private University in Kopertis Region VII Environment. The decision then changes with the issuance of status Recognized from Decree. Director General of Higher Education Number 62/DIKTI/KEP/1993 dated January 29, 1993, Equated status with Degree. Director General of Higher Education Number 386/DIKTI/KEP/1996 dated July 19, 1996 and UBAYA’s Psychology Study Program is accredited A based on Number SK-BAN PT DEPDIKBUD RI Number 002/BAN-PT/Ak-III/XII/1998 dated December 22, 1998. On August 23, 2004, Psychology Study Program could maintain accredited A, based on Number 035/BAN-PT/Ak-VII/S1/VIII/2004. Now for the fourth time UBAYA’s Psychology Study Program is accredited A again based on SK BAN-PT 2057/SK/BAN-PT/Accredited/S/IX/2016. Currently the UBAYA Psychology Study Program is the only private psychology study program accredited A in Surabaya, and one of the 3 psychology study programs in East Java (public university and private university) accredited A from BAN-PT.

In its 36th year (2018), UBAYA Faculty of Psycholology already has 4 study programs, Bachelor of Psychology study programs (established in 1982, accredited A, around 4000 graduates), master of professional psychology study programs (established in 1994, accredited A, 289 graduates), master of psychology study program (established in 2013, accredited B, graduates), and doctoral psychology study program (established in 2018, in the accreditation process). In the midst of the difficulty of the permission to establish a doctoral study program in Indonesia, the UBAYA Faculty of Psychology managed to establish a doctoral program in psychology. This success is partly due to the commitment and quality of the UBAYA Faculty of Psychology.

In 2003, UBAYA’s Faculty of Psychology’s vision focused on handling urban problems, with consideration in line with UBAYA’s vision, lecturer competency, Scientific Vision and the location of UBAYA’s psychology in urban areas. UBAYA’s Faculty of Psychology currently has 40 permanent lecturers and 26 lecturers (65%) with doctoral degrees . Lecturers are alumni from various well-known universities including the University of Indonesia, Padjadjaran University, Gadjah Mada University, Airlangga University, Sydney University Australia, Monash University Australia, University of Melbourne Australia, Maastricht University Netherlands, University of Kent at Canterbury UK, Nothingham University UK, University of Leeds UK, Glasgow University, University of Boston USA, and University of Auckland New Zealand, University of Auckland New Zealand, Bangor University at Welsh UK, and Zhejiang University China. At present there are 4 lecturers who are currently studying doctoral studies both in Indonesia and abroad. Those lecturers have a psychology background and diverse competencies. The quality of UBAYA psychology lecturers has been recognized in government, professional associations, universities and organizations both nationally and internationally.