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Anindito Aditomo, S.Psi., M.Phil., Ph.D

Anindito Aditomo, S.Psi., M.Phil, Ph.D

NPK : 204901
NIDN : 0726087901
Tempat, Tgl. Lahir : Semarang, 26 Agustus 1979
E-mail : a.aditomo©gmail.com, masnino©yahoo.com
Departement : Laboratorium Psikologi Umum
Pendidikan : S1 Universitas Gadjah Mada
    S2 The University of Sydney
    S3 The University of Sydney
Bidang Pengajaran S1 : Pengukuran Psikologi (Skala Psikologi)
    Isu Kontemporer
    Proposal Skripsi
    Filsafat Ilmu dan Logika
    Teori Dasar Psikologi Kancah Keluarga dan Sekolah
Bidang Keahlian : Metodologi Penelitian, Learning Science
Hasil Penelitian : 2012 Using Wikipedia and Conceptual Graph Structures to Generate Questions for Academic Writing Support
    2012 The use of text and process mining techniques to study the impact of feedback on students’ writing processes. *)
    2012 Using Wikipedia and conceptual graph structures to generate questions for academic writing support. *)
    2012 Examining system dynamics models together: Using variation theory to identify learning opportunities in online collaboration.
    2013 Beyond the process-content and mind-environment dualisms: Implications for fostering conceptual change through emerging technologies.
    2013 Inquiry-based learning in higher education: Principle forms, educational objectives, and disciplinary variations. *)
    2013 Technology-supported learning and academic achievement.*)